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Lawn Wizard is here to supply advice and to help with answers to your problems. We can help you produce the lush, green grass that you desire. Whether you are looking for bowling green quality, golf green quality or a tough family grass area able to resist heavy usage, shade or drought we have all the tips.

Our site is jam packed with lawn care tips. You can find specific grass care tips or our month by month lawn care guide.

Our monthly “how to” grass care advice tries to cover current hot garden grass topics whilst trying to add more detail, background and tips for those that are interested.

We welcome enquiries and will answer all lawn care problems e-mailed to us at Please sign up to our lawncare newsletter where we will keep you informed of our latest lawn advice and when it becomes available on our site.

We have articles on a variety of topics available. Are you interested in how to lay lawn turf, or even how to change your grass in 1 day. Do you wish to know how to topdress your grass to keep it green all winter or for that matter find out about our full autumn lawn care renovation programme. We detail the benefits of aeration for your lawn.

When and how to apply Lawn fertilizer is a huge subject, find advice here.

Spring lawn weed control, another hot topic, find my tips here.

We have an interesting section with tips on designing and building your own golf green in your garden. This article includes good information on grass drainage, rootzone construction and how to sow grass seed.

We have information, advice and tips on both disease and worm control problems.

If you are looking for seeded turf, then we give advice on how to select your lawn turf supplier.

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